Playwright, Director, Actress, Spokes Model, Teacher, Savvy Real Estate Investor, Rock and Roller
I'm just a girl from Boring who made her life more interesting using creative drama.
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Adventures of a Drama Teacher
For the past 15 years my identity has been drama teacher, Pilot Wife and Mom. I sequestered myself into an all in, all consuming career that I loved deeply but it also stole my soul. When my identity was ripped from me I had to find a new way. This is my journey.


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  • What happened? Why are you leaving us?
  • 3:00 AM with Nick
  • Living my life like a country song
  • Theatre, Movies, TV, Real Estate, Save them Animals, Self Help
  • Why read? To find out if I succeed!
  • I'm a writer, writers write (I will work for cheese)
  • Don't forget I was Homecoming Queen and I'll put on my crown if I have to.

What a docu-soap! They don't call her "Drama Queen" for nothing!

Tomi Griffin SAG/AFTRA


Height: 5'8"
Weight: 125lbs
Eyes: Green
Hair: All Colors/Brown
Dress: 6/8
Shoe: 8